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The motet was one of the most diversely treated forms in the Baroque era.  Composers used every available combination of instrument and voices to express the religious texts they were setting.  Some even tried to set every single psalm text to music (take for example Benedetto Marcello's famous setting of the Italian paraphrase of the first fifty Psalms by his friend Girolamo Ascanio Giustiniani, published in eight volumes between 1724 and 1726).

At this site we plan to stretch the absolute definition of motet to include settings of liturgical texts alongside works like the paraphrases of liturgical texts above as well as the beautiful cantata spirituale - or religious cantatas that flourished in the first half of the 18th century, and through to the cantatas of Buxtehude and Bach.

We already offer scores of music by Porpora, Leo and Durante to name a few, masters in their time and composers of music with a heart-stopping beauty. Hasse, Buxtehude and Bach are soon to follow in editions of recently rediscovered manuscripts as well as new editions of well-known works. Let us not limit ourselves to the strict definition, but be limited only by our interest and imagination!

STOP PRESS!! The edition count at Baroque Motet has just reached 63 with the addition of James Sanderson's edition of Barone Emanuele d'Astorga's marian antiphon Stabat Mater for SATB solo, SATB chorus, strings and continuo:

d'Astorga's beautiful setting of the Stabat Mater for SATB solo, SATB chorus, strings and continuo.
MIDI Preview| Price: 19.95
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